Essential Qualities of a Limousine Chauffeur

Taking a limousine to an event or even just to the airport can make any trip feel luxurious. Just a mere search on Google can result in a myriad of limo companies to choose from. So how do you know which company to choose? While most limousine services have the sleekest, up-to-date fleets of vehicles in the industry, they do not all feature quality chauffeurs. After all the right chauffeur can make all the difference in the world. So what determines a great chauffeur?


The following are some of the qualities that make a great chauffeur:

  • A chauffeur must have the proper license and expert driving skills. Safety should be the chauffeurs’ first priority and they should have extensive experience behind the wheel. Ideally, they will have experience driving a variety of vehicles such as stretch limos, SUVs, party buses and more.
  • A chauffeur must meet the needs and desires of the passenger . This means adjusting the temperature within the limo, playing a certain type of music or taking a specific route as directed by the passenger. However, the chauffeur must draw the line at any requests that may endanger the passengers – such as exceeding the speed limit or driving recklessly.
  • A chauffeur must be professional, personable and helpful. They should always introduce themselves to the passenger and help them into the limo by holding the door open for them. They should be polite and address the passengers with respect, using Mr. or Mrs. and their last names unless instructed to do otherwise. If the passenger has luggage, the chauffeur should load it into the limo for the passenger. If the passenger is disabled or elderly, the chauffeur should assist them in anyway he or she can.
  • A chauffeur must show good manners. This means never swearing – even at cars cutting them off! They should never take calls while a passenger is in the car either.
  • A chauffeur should be well-dressed and groomed. Their appearance is a reflection on the limo service.
  • A good chauffeur should inspect the vehicle before every run. They should make sure that it is clean and that it is properly stocked. They should also ensure the vehicle is fully fueled and road ready.
  • A chauffeur should seem confident and in control, only deviating from the proposed course when absolutely necessary. A limo service is expected to provide a worry-free and stress-free ride and the last thing a passenger wants to do is provide directions to a chauffeur that doesn’t know where they are going.

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