Food and Wine Pairings in Wine Country you are missing

The Best Food & Wine Pairings That You Are Missing

The Best Food & Wine Pairings That You Are Missing

Pairing wine with food is an age-old tradition, designed to enhance the flavor of both. Typically, tradition dictates that you should pair red wines with red meat and white wine with fish and other white meats. But did you know that there are other ways to pair a wine that will delight your pallet? Take a look at a few unconventional foods and wine pairings that will excite your tastebuds.  

1. Red Is Not Just For Steak Anymore

Conventional wisdom suggests that red wine is too heavy and full to be paired with light meat like chicken. But this is a false assumption.  Pairing red wine with a chicken dish is a great way to add a little adventure to your meal.

Wine Pairing Suggestion: Try a burgundy wine the next time you fixed a chicken dinner.  Its full flavor is the perfect compliment to a succulent piece of chicken.

2. Think Pink

Instead of serving your fish or seafood with a glass of Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, try a light Rosé.  Known for its low tannins, like white wine, Rosé’s crisp flavoring is the perfect compliment to a light fish such as Halibut.   

Wine Pairing Suggestion: Not a fan of Rosé or white wine, try pale reds from grapes like Pinot Noir, Grenache, and Rossese.

3. The steak combo

When it comes to steak, most people pair it with a powerfully structured red like a Brunello or Bordeaux.  However, you do not have to pair a steak with a deep red wine. In fact, you can pair a steak with a light and refreshing red like a Pinot Noir.

Wine Pairing Suggestion: Want to try something more unique than a Pinot?  Try pairing your steak with a delicious Beaujolais or a fuller-bodied Rosé.

4. A Vegetarian’s Delight

When it comes to pairing wines with vegetarian/vegan-friendly food, many people feel at a loss, as most wine pairing rules are designed to compliment meat and cheese dishes. But it is possible to pair wine with vegetarian dishes. How do you ask? Well, first you must consider the weight and texture of your foods. Do your best to balance the intensity and either try to counterbalance the flavors or match them.

Wine Pairing Suggestions:  For light dishes, try a light-bodied wine like a Sauvignon Blac or Rosés. For smoky or heavier dishes try a rich Spanish or Italian red wine.

5.  Charceutaries

Cheese!  Wonderful cheese! Who does not love cheese?!  While most are familiar with the concept of wine and cheese pairings, they assume that any wine will do. But next time you are enjoying a little plate of charcuterie, try pairing with a sangria. It will definitely give you a well-deserved treat! The perfect accompaniment to cheese due to its rich creaminess and mild flavor. Cold cuts also work well with sangria due to their saltiness and smokiness.

With so many ways to pair your wine with your favorite foods, you can make every meal a special occasion. Need some inspiration?  Schedule a tour with one of our experts today!