Airport FAQ’s

Where will I meet my driver?

Two options: baggage meet or will call. Baggage meet your driver will meet you at the entrance to the baggage claim area with a sign. There may be an additional charge for the service. Will call is when you call the driver or office after exiting the terminal. The driver will swing around and pick you up within minutes.

What are the rates?

Call for rates depending on size of vehicle.

What if I am part of a large group?

The driver will be waiting in the courtyard adjacent to the terminal. You will need to walk to the courtyard to find him. You may wish to hire a greeter especially if the passengers are arriving on different flights.

How long does it take from the airport to Napa?

Oakland and San Francisco are about the same distance from Napa and without traffic should take a little over an hour. Sacramento airport is slightly farther away and will take a few minutes longer.

How much time should I allow between my pickup in Napa and my departure time.

We recommend three hours. We recommend at least an hour to drive, and an hour prior to departure.

Will my driver check the flight status?

Yes he or she will. We want to know where you are at all times!