Napa Wineries

Napa Valley is home to some 400 wineries from the large conglomerate to the small producers of just a few hundred cases. Because of the warm growing season and the absence of excessive moisture through the harvest, that small berry with a thick skin is perfect to make those intense wines, full of character and flavor. Cabernet Sauvignon holds honor in Napas wine-making history. Talented winemakers from all over the world have come to turn this little berry into worldclass wines.

  • Napa
  • Yountvile
  • Oakville
  • Rutherford
  • St. Helena
  • Calistoga

Featured Wineries

Bell Winery

6200 Washington Street, Napa CA 707.944.1673

Bell Winery Bell Winery Bell Winery was established in 1991 by Anthony Bell. He began his venture with a grape called the “Jackson Clone” which is now referred as “Clone 6”. With the help of investors he has grown his 500 case production to over 15,000 cases a year. The special attention of the knowledgeable staff and the great cabs produced with the now famous “Clone 6” make this a must do stop when you come to Napa.

Clos Du Val Winery

5330 Silverado Trail, Napa CA 707.261.5251

Clos Du Val Clos Du Val Winery is in the Stags Leap District of Napa Valley. John Goelet and Bernard Portet wanted to produce Bordeaux-style wine and found Stag’s Leap to be perfect place to establish their winery. They bought 150 acres to establish the winery in 1972. To add to the Bourdeax style wines they bought vineyard land in Los Carneros. The cooler climate of this region was optimal for the Burgundian varieties, like Pinot noir and Chardonnay.

Bennett Lane Winery

3340 California 128, Calistoga CA 707.942.6684

Clos Du Val Bennett Lane Winery has become known for the well textured Cabernet Sauvignon it produces. Their Maximus Cabernet has been touted by publications like Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and Robert Parker. The ratings for several vintages have been in the 90+ range for those who like to know the score. They also make a wonderful Merlot and the Syrah has also gotten recognition. This is a warm cozy place tucked just north of Calistoga, well off the beaten path.

Madonna Estate

5400 Old Sonoma Road, Napa CA 866.724.2993

Madonna Estate Since 1922 the Bartolucci Family has consistently grown and harvested grapes at Madonna Estate. Located in the Carneros region, an area known for its terroir of rich soil and cool breezes, the Bartolucci family organically farms their grapes and produces Estate Bottled wines. In addition to practicing natural farming methods, they also combine traditional and modern winemaking techniques. They are the third oldest winemaking family in the Napa Valley.

Jessup Cellars

6740 Washington Street, Yountville 707.252.5930

Frogs Leap Winery Jessup Cellars is known for handcrafted, small production wines and offers an exceptional tasting experience. They have a tasting room just down the street from the French Laundry and it’s gardens. The winery is eco-friendly down to the water which is purified through filters on the property. The expertise and individual attention of the Jessup team are unmatched. Your wine tasting will include bold cabernets, smooth Bordeaux– style blends, crisp whites and rich Ports.

Grgich Hills Winery

1829 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford CA 800.532.3057

Grgich Hills Grgich Hills Miljenko “Mike” Grgich gained international recognition at the “Paris Tasting” of 1976. This blind tasting was lead by a panel of eminent French judges who tasted white Burgundies of France and a few Chardonnays from the Napa Valley. Napa Valley wines came out on top which surprised the French judges. The 1973 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay became the finest white wine in the world. This launched Mike’ reputation as one of the greatest winemakers in the world.

Andretti Winery

4162 Big Ranch Road, Napa CA 877-386-5070

Andretti Winery All are welcomed at the award-winning Andretti Winery. Located in the legendary Napa Valley, Andretti Winery spouts old world charm and pours the finest wine for its patrons. This “Italian village”, was modeled by the boyhood memory of Mario Andretti, the finest race car driver of all time. Founded in 1996 and lead by Joe Antonini, Andretti Winery is dedicated to celebrating the Italian lifestyle, famous for it’s food and wine culture. They grow premium grapes and produce an array of great wines.


Winery Address Phone
Acacia 2750 Las Amigas rd 707.226.9991
Artesa Winery 1345 Henry rd, Napa 707.224.1668
Atlas Peak Vineyards 3700 Soda Canyon rd 707.252.7971
Black Stallion Vineyards 4089 Silverado Trail 707.253.1400
Bouchaine Vineyards 1075 Buchli Station rd 707.252.9065
Buonchristiani Vineyards Soda Canyon 707.259.1681
Caldwell Vineyard 169 Kruezer ln. 707.255.1294
Ceja Vineyards 1248 First Street 707.226.6445
Chateau Potelle 707.255.9440
Chimney Rock Winery 5350 Silverado Trail 707.257.2641
Costello Winery 1200 Orchard Ave. 707.252.8483
Del Dotto Caves 1055 Atlas Peak rd 707.963.2134
Domaine Carneros 1240 Duhig rd 707.257.0101
Elyse Winery 2100 Hoffman ln. 707.944.2900
Etude Wines 1250 Cuttings Wharf rd 707.257.5300
Aonair 44 Blue Oak Lane 707.363.0680
Hagafen Cellars 4160 Silverado Trail 707.252.0781
Hess Collection 4411 Redwood rd 707.255.1144
Jarvis Vineyards 2970 Monticello rd 707.255.5280
Krupp Brothers 3267 Soda Canyon rd 707.226.2215
Laird Family Estates 5055 Solano Ave 707.257.0360
Luna Vineyards 2921 Silverado Trail 707.255.5862
Mason Cellars 714 First Street 707.255.0658
Mayacamus Vineyards 1155 Lokoya rd 707.255.8864
Mckensie Mueller 2530 Las Amigas 707.252.0186
Monticello Vineyards 4242 Big Ranch rd 707.253.2802
Moss Creek Winery 6015 Steele Canyon rd 707.252.1295
Mt. Veeder Winery 1999 Mt. Veeder rd 707.224.4039
Newlan Vineyards & Winery 5225 Solano Avenue 707.257.2399
OBrien Estate 1200 Orchard Avenue 707.252.8463
Palmaz Vineyards 4029 Hagen rd 707.226.5587
Paraduxx 7257 Silverado Trail 707.945.0890
Pine Ridge Winery 5901 Silverado Trail 707.253.7500
Quixote Winery 6126 Silverado Trail 707.944.2659
Regusci Winery 5584 Silverado Trail 707.254.0403
Reynolds Family Winery 3266 Silverado Trail 707.258.2558
Saintsbury 1500 Los Carneros Avenue 707.252.0592
Shafer Vineyards 6154 Silverado Trail 707.944.2877
Signorello Vineyards 4500 Silverado Trail 707.255.5990
Silverado Hill Cellars 3103 Silverado Trail 707.253.9306
Silverado Vineyards 6121 Silverado Trail 707.257.1770
Stags Leap Wine Cellars 5766 Silverado Trail 707.944.2020
Steltzner Vineyards 5998 Silverado Trail 707.252.7272
Stony Hill Vineyard 3331 N. St. Helena Hwy 707.963.2636
Taylor Family Vineyards 5991 Silverado Trail 707.255.3593
Toolbox Wine Company 1021 McKinstry Street 707.257.6796
Truchard Vineyards 3234 Old Sonoma rd 707.253.7153
Tulocay Winery 1426 Coombsville rd 707.255.4064
Van der Heyden Winery 4057 Silverado Trail 707.257.0130
Vine Cliff Cellars Winery 7400 Silverado Trail 707.944.1364
Vin Roc 4015 Atlas Peak rd 707.265.0943
William Hill Winery 1761 Atlas Peak rd 707.265.3024
Whetstone Wine Cellars 2784 Illinios St. 707.254.0600
ZD Wines 8383 Silverado Trail 707.963.5188


Winery Address Phone
Cosentino Winery 7415 St. Helena Hwy 707.944.1220
Chanticleer Estate Wines 4 Vineyard View Drive 707.945.0566
Domaine Chandon 1 California Drive 707.944.2280
Girard Winery 6795 Washington 707.968.9297
Goosecross Cellars 1119 State ln 707.944.1986
Hill Family Estate 6512 Washington Street 707.944.9580
Napa Cellars 7481 St. Helena Hwy 707.944.2565
Paraduxx 7257 Silverado Trail> 707.945.0890
Robert Sinskey Vineyards 6320 Silverado Trail 707.944.9090


Winery Address Phone
Cardinale Estate 7600 St. Helena Hwy 707.948.2643
Far Niente Winery 1350 Acacia Drive 707.944.2861
Folie a Deux 7481 St. Helena Hwy 707.944.2565
Gamble Family Vineyards 7554 St. Helena Hwy 707.944.2999
Groth Vineyards & Winery 750 Oakville Crossrd 707.944.0290
Napa Wine Company 7830-40 St. Helena Hwy 707.944.8669
Nickel and Nickel Winery 8164 St. Helena Hwy 707.967.9600
Miner Family Winery 7850 Silverado Trail 707.944.9500
Opus One 7900 St. Helena Hwy 707.944.9442
Paradigm Winery 83 Dwyer rd 707.944.1683
Plumpjack 620 Oakvile Crossrd 707.945.1220
Robert Mondavi Winery 7801 St. Helena Hwy 707.226.1335
Rudd Winery / Girard 500 Oakville Crossrd 707.944.8577
Silver Oak Cellars 915 Oakville Crossrd 707.942.7022
Turnbull Wine Cellars 8210 St. Helena Hwy 707.963.5839


Winery Address Phone
Beaulieu Vineyard 1960 St. Helena Hwy 707.967.5233
Cakebread Cellars 8300 St. Helena Hwy 707.963.5221
Franciscan Oakville Estate 1178 Galleron rd 707.963.7111
Honig Cellars 850 Rutherford rd 707.963.5618
Peju Province Winery 8466 St. Helena Hwy 707.963.3600
Round Pond Estate 875 Rutherford rd 707.963.7555
Inglenook Winery 1991 St. Helena Hwy 707.968.1100
Rutherford Grove Winery 1673 St. Helena Hwy 707.963.0544
Rutherford Hill Winery 200 Rutherford Hill rd 707.963.1871
St. Supéry Winery 8440 St. Helena Hwy 707.963.4507
Sequoia Grove Vineyards 8338 St. Helena Hwy so. 707.944.2945
Staglin Family Vineyard 707.963.3994
Sullivan Vineyards 1090 Galleron rd 707.963.9646
Swanson Winery 1271 Manley ln. 707.967.3500

St. Helena

Winery Address Phone
Ballentine 2820 St. Helena Hwy 707.963.7919
Anomaly Vineyards 455 Bella Vista Court 707.967.8448
Barnett Vineyards 4070 Spring Mountain rd 707.963.7075
Benessere Vineyards 1010 Big Tree rd 707.963.5853
Beringer Vineyards 2000 Main Street 707.963.7115
Buehler Vineyards 820 Greenfield rd 707.963.2155
Burgess Cellars 1108 Deer Park rd 707.963.4766
Cafaro Cellars 2591 Pinot Way 707.963.7181
Cain Vineyard & Winery 3800 Langtry rd 707.963.1616
Casa Nuestra Winery 3451 Silverado Trail N. 707.963.5783
Caymus Vineyards 8700 Conn Creek rd 707.967.3010
Chappellet Vineyard 1581 Sage Canyon rd 707.963.7136
Charles Krug Winery 2800 St. Helena Hwy N 707.963.2200
Conn Creek Winery 8711 Silverado Trail 707.963.5133
Corison Winery 987 St. Helena Hwy 707.963.0826
David Arthur Vineyards 1521 Sage Canyon rd 707.963.5190
Del Dotto Estate Vineyards 1445 St. Helena Hwy 707.963.2134
Domaine Charbay Winery 4001 Spring Mountain rd 707.963.9327
Duckhorn Vineyards 1000 Lodi ln. 707.963.7108
Ehlers Estate Winery 3222 Ehlers ln. 707.963.5972
Fantesca Estate & Winery 2920 Spring Mountain rd 707.968.0890
Fisher Vineyards 6200 St. Helena rd 707.539.7511
Flora Springs Winery 1978 Zinfandel ln 707.963.5711
Flora Springs Tasting Room 677 South St. Helena Hwy 707.967.8032
Forman Vineyard 1501 Big Rock rd 707.963.3900
Freemark Abbey Winery 3022 N. St. Helena Hwy 707.963.9694
Frias Family Vineyard 275 Magellan Avenue 415.566.2419
Green & Red Vineyard 3208 Chiles Pope Valley rd 707.965.2346
Heitz Cellars 500 Taplin rd 707.963.3542
Joseph Phelps Vineyards 200 Taplin rd 707.963.2745
Kelham Vineyards 360 Zinfandel ln. 707.963.2000
Kuleto Estate 2470 Sage Canyon rd 707.302.2209
Livingston Wines 1895 Cabernet ln. 707.963.2120
Long Meadow Ranch Winery 738 Main Street 707.963.4555
Louis M. Martini Winery 254 S. St. Helena Hwy 707.968.3362
Markham Vineyards 2812 N. St. Helena Hwy 707.963.5292
Merryvale Napa Valley 1000 Main 707.963.7777
Milat Vineyards 1091 S. St. Helena Hwy 707.963.0758
Newton Vineyard 2555 Madrona Av 707.963.9000
Nichelini Winery 2950 Sage Canyon rd 707.963.0717
Pahlmeyer 811 St. Helena Hwy so 707.255.2321
Philip Togni Vineyard 3780 Spring Mountain rd 707.963.3731
Prager Winery & Port Works 1281 Lewelling ln. 707.963.7678
Pride Mountain Vineyards 4026 Spring Mountain rd 707.963.4949
Raymond Vineyards 849 Zinfandel ln. 707.963.3141
Revana Family Vineyards 2930 St. Helena Hwy N. 707.967.8814
Ritchie Creek Vineyard 4024 Spring Mountain rd 707.963.4661
Robert Keenan Winery 3660 Spring Mountain. rd 707.963.9177
Rombauer Vineyards 3522 Silverado Trail 707.967.5120
Rustridge Winery 2910 Lower Chiles Valley rd 707.965.9353
Salvestrin Vineyards 397 Main St 707.963.5105
St. Clement Vineyards 2867 St. Helena Hwy 707.963.7221
Smith-Madrone Vineyards 4022 Spring Mountain rd 707.963.2283
Spottswoode Winery 1902 Madrona Ave. 707.963.0134
Stony Hill Vineyards 3331 St. Helena Hwy 707.963.2636
Sutter Home Winery 277 St. Helena Hwy s 707.963.3104
Terra Valentine 3787 Spring Mountain rd 707.967.8340
Tudal Winery 1015 Big Tree rd 707.963.3947
V Madrone Cellars 3199 St. Helena Hwy N. 877.994.6311
V. Sattui Winery 1111 White ln. 707.963.7774
Vineyard 7 & 8 4028 Spring Mountain rd 707.963.9425
Vineyard 29 2929 St. Helena Hwy 707.963.9292
Whitehall Lane Winery 1563 S. St. Helena Hwy 707.963.9454
William Cole Vineyards 2849 St. Helena Hwy N. 707.963.6100


Winery Address Phone
Bennett Lane Winery 3340 California 128 707.942.6684
Bremer Family Winery 975 Deer Park rd 707.963.5411
Broman Cellars 945 Deer Park rd 707.963.5451
Clark-Claudon Vineyards 6189 Pope Valley rd 707.965.9393
Envy Vineyards 1170 Tubbs Lane 707.942.4670
Livingston Moffit Wines 340 West ln. 707.965.3694
Viader 1120 Deer Park rd 707.963.3816
Andrew Geoffrey Vineyards 836 Chiles Avenue 707.968.9770
Arroyo Winery 2361 Greenwood Ave. 707.942.6995
Castello di Amorosa 4045 N. St. Helena Hwy 707.967.6272
Chateau Montelena Winery 1429 Tubbs ln. 707.942.5105
Clos Pegase Winery 1060 Dunaweal ln. 707.942.4981
Constant Diamond Mountain 2121 Diamond Mntn rd 707.942.0707
Cuvaison Winery 4550 Silverado Trail 707.942.6266
Dutch Henry Winery 4310 Silverado Trail 707.942.5771
Graeser Winery 255 Petrified Forest rd 707.942.4437
Hans Fahden Vineyard 4855 Petrified Forest rd 707.942.6760
Harris Estate Vineyards 225 Franz Valley School rd 707.942.1513
Larkmead Vineyards 1100 Larkmead ln 707.942.0167
Reverie Vineyard & Winery 1520 Diamond Mountain rd 707.942-6800
Sterling Vineyards 1111 Dunaweal ln 707.942.3344
Stonegate Winery 1183 Dunaweal ln. 707.942.6500
Storybook Mountain Winery 3835 Hwy 128 707.942.5310
Summers Estate Wines 1171 Tubbs ln 707.942.5508
Vincent Arroyo 2361 Greenwood Ave. 707.942.6995
Virgil 3340 St. Helena Hwy 128 707.942.2900
Von Strasser Winery 1510 Diamond Mountain rd 707.942.0930
Zahtila 2250 Lake Country Hwy 707.942.9251


Winery Address Phone
Bravante Vineyards 300 Stone Ridge rd 707.965.2552
Haber Family Vineyards 345 Pine Breeze Drive 914.804.9660
Ladera Vineyards 150 White Cottage rd 707.965.2445
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