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Sonoma County is one of those special places for growing world-class grapes. It is beautiful and resource-rich: drawing some of the best winemakers and culinary experts on the planet. Let us take you there on a wine tasting adventure. You’ll experience the hidden boutique wineries and maybe have a picnic overlooking the vineyard. From the rolling hills to the giant redwoods, Sonoma Valley offers amazing beauty to complement it’s food and wine. Laid back is the prevailing attitude making your visit relaxed and welcoming. Sonoma’s 13 appellations offers many hidden wineries. Try an appellation tour to discover it’s history and terrior. We have limousines, limo vans and suv’s to get you there.

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  • Sonoma Winery
  • Sonoma Winery
  • Sonoma Winery
  • Sonoma Winery
  • Sonoma Winery

Featured Wineries

Jacuzzi Winery

24724 Arnold Drive, Sonoma 707.931.7575

Jacuzzi Winery Jacuzzi Winery Located in the famous Carneros appellation, Jacuzzi Winery is set among the rolling hills of the region. In an effort to be organic, Jacuzzi Family Vineyards farms the “Green String” way; naturally and sustainably. The stone building is ‘villa style’, the tasting salon opens up to an expansive inner courtyard with beautiful gardens. They specialize in Italian varientals like Pinot Grigio and Sangiovese. The ‘The Olive Press’ features many olive oils to taste in both domestic and european styles.

Robledo Winery

21901 Bonness Road, Sonoma 707.939.6903

Robledo Family Winery Robledo Family Winery Every bottle produced at Robledo Family is a labor of love; love for family, farming and fermentation. Reynaldo Robledo began as an immigrant field worker worked himself into a very successful vineyard consultant in California. He took those same skills as a viticulturist and knowledge of grape culture as the foundation for Robledo Family Winery. His children and his grandchildren share in his passion and produce some of the best wine Sonoma has to offer.

Russian River Vineyards

5700 Gravenstein Highway North, Forestville 707.887.3344

Russian River Vineyards The famed Russian River Valley, visited by fog and anchored by volcanic soils is home to some of the world’s finest vineyards. Consistently producing distinctive, highly praised wines; It is the heart of this renowned wine growing region. Picturesque and historic Russian River Vineyards isone of the valley’s oldest and most storied wineries in Sonoma. The estate was recenyly transformed into a modern-day archetype of an organic, sustainable and “green” winery. Their Pinot Noir is one of the best in the valley.

Lancaster Estate

15001 Chalk Hill Road, Healdsburg 707.433.8178

Frogs Leap Winery Lancaster Estate is a beautiful vineyard in the Healdsburg secluded hills. All their wines are Estate grown, bottled and produced. Their commitment that the wines produced consistently retain a definitive richness of character; deep, black fruit flavors and attractive aromatic notes of lavender and mint. Read reviews of our wines, they have quite a rich following. Lancaster Estate wines are produced in limited lots. They invite you to visit do a wine tasting you will always remember.

Winery Address Phone
Bartholomew Park 1000 Vineyard Lane 707.935.9511
Buena Vista Winery 18000 Old Winery rd 707.938.1266
Cline Cellars 24737 Arnold Drive 800.546.2070
Favero Vineyards 3939 Lovall Valley rd 707.935.3939
Gloria Ferrer 23555 Hwy 121 707.996.7256
Gundlach-Bundschu Winery 2000 Denmark Street 707.938.5277
Hacienda Wine Cellars 20580 8th Street 707.938.3220
Larsen Family Winery 23355 Millerick Road 707.938.3031
Moondance 18970 Olive Avenue 707.996.3841
Ravenswood Winery 18701 Gehricke rd 707.938.1960
Robledo Family Winery 21901 Bonness Road 707.939.6903
Robert Hunter Winery 15655 Arnold Dr 707.996.3056
Roche Winery 1 Caneros Hwy 707.935.7115
Schug Estate Winery 602 Bonneau 707.939.9363
Sebastiani Vineyards 389 East Fourth Street 707.938.5532
Stryker Sonoma Winery 5110 Highway 128 707.433.1944
Tantalus Winery 19320 Orange Avenue 707.938.8509
Viansa Winery 25200 Arnold Drive 707.935.4700


Winery Address Phone
Chateau St. Jean 8555 Sonoma Hwy 707.833.4134
Family Wineries of Sonoma 9200 Sonoma Highway 707.833.5504
Kaz Winery 215 Adobe Canyon rd 707.833.5674
Kenwood Vineyard Winery 9592 Sonoma Highway 707.833.5891
Kunde Estate Winery 10155 Sonoma Hwy 707.833.5501
Landmark Vineyards 101 Adobe Canyon rd 707.833.0053
Ledson Winery 7335 Sonoma Highway 707.833.2330
Mayo Family Winery 9200 Sonoma Hwy 707.833.3300
Smother Winery P.O Box 219 707.833.1010
St. Francis 8450 Sonoma Hwy 707.833.4666
Stone Creek Wines 9380 Sonoma Hwy 707.833.4455

Glen Ellen

Winery Address Phone
Arrowood Vineyards 14347 Sonoma Highway 707.938.5170
Audelssa Estate 2992 Cavedale rd 707.933.8514
B.R. Cohn 15140 Sonoma Hwy 707.938.4064
Benziger Family 1883 London Ranch rd 707.935.3000
Deerfield Ranch Winery 1310 Warm Springs Road 707.833.5214
Glen Ellen Winery 14301 Arnold Drive, #3 707.939.6277
G Parducci 777 Madrone rd 707.935.5983
Loxton Cellars 11466 Dunbar Road 707.935.7221
Little Vineyards 15188 Sonoma Highway 707.996.2750
Wellington Vineyards 11600 Dunbar rd 707.939.0708

Santa Rosa

Winery Address Phone
Adler Fels 5325 Corrick Lane 707.539.3123
Annapolis Winery 26055 Soda Springs rd 707.886.5460
De Loach Vineyards 1791 Olivet rd 707.526.9111
Hanna Winery 5353 Occidental rd 707.575.3371
Kendall Jackson Center 5007 Fulton rd 707.571.7500
Martini & Prati Wines 2191 Laguna rd 707.823.2404
Matanzas Creek Winery 6097 Bennett Valley Road 707.823.2404
Paradise Ridge Winery 4545 Thomas Lake Harris Dr. 707.528.9463
Villa Pompei Vineyards 5700 River Rd 707.545.5899


Winery Address Phone
La Crema 3690 Laughlin rd 707.571.1504
Martinelli Vineyards 3360 River rd 707.525.0570


Winery Address Phone
Mark West Vineyards 7010 Trenton-Healdsburg rd 707.836.9647
Topolos Vineyards 5700 Gravenstein Hwy 707.887.1575
Woodenhead Winery 5700 River Road 707.887.2703


Winery Address Phone
A. Rafanelli Winery 4685 W. Dry Creek rd 707.433.1385
Alderbrook Winery 2306 Magnolia Dr. 707.433.9154
Alexander Valley Vineyards 8644 Hwy 128 707.433.7209
Armida Winery 2201 Westside rd 707.433.2222
Belvedere Winery 4035 Westside rd 707.433.8236
Chalk Hill Winery 10300 Chalk Hill rd 707.838.4306
Christopher Creek Winery 641 Limerick Lane 707.433.2001
Davis Bynum Winery 8075 Westside rd 707.433.5852
Dry Creek Vineyard 3770 Lambert Bridge rd 707.433.1000
Everett Ridge 435 W. Dry Creek rd 707.433.1637
Ferrari-Carano Vineyards 8761 Dry Creek rd 707.433.6700
Field Stone Winery 10075 Hwy 128 707.433.7266
Foppiano Vineyards 12707 Old Redwood Hwy 707.433.7272
Hanna Winery 9280 Hwy 128 707.431.4310
Hop Kiln Winery 6050 Westside rd 707.433.6491
Johnsons Wines 8333 Hwy 128 707.433.2319
Jordan Winery 1474 Alexander Valley rd 707.431.5250
Lambert Bridge Winery 4085 W. Dry Creek Road 707.431.9600
Lancaster Estate Winery 15001 Chalk Hill Road 707.433.8178
Martin Family Vineyards 5610 Dry Creek Road 707.433.9545
Mazzocco Vineyards 1400 Lytton Springs rd 707.433.9035
Michel-Schlumberger Estates 4155 Wine Creek rd 707.433.7427
Mill Creek Vineyards 1401 Westside rd 707.433.5098
Pezzi-King Vineyards 3805 Lambert Bridge rd 707.431.9388
Preston Vineyards 9206 West Dry Creek Rd 707.433.3372
Quivira Vineyards 4900 W. Dry Creek rd 707.431.8333
Rabbit Ridge Vineyards 3291 Westside rd 707.431.7128
Rafanelli Winery 4685 W. Dry Creek rd 707.433.1385
Raymond Burr Vineyards 8339 West Dry Creek Road 707.433.8559
Ridge-Lytton Springs Winery 650 Lytton Springs rd 707.433.7721
J Rochioli Vineyards 6192 Westside rd 707.433.2305
Rodney Strong Vineyards 11455 Old Redwood Hw 707.431.1533
Sausal Winery 7370 Hwy 128 707.433.2285
Seghesio Family 14730 Grove Street 707.433.3579
Simi Winery 16275 Healdsburg Avenue 707.433.6981
Stonestreet 4611 Thomas rd 707.431.2382
Teldeschi Winery 3555 Dry Creek rd 707.433.6626
Unti Vineyards 4202 Dry Creek rd 707.433.5590
White Oak Vineyards 7505 Hwy 128 707.433.8429
William Selyem Winery 6575 Westside rd 707.433.6425
Wilson Winery 1960 Dry Creek Road 707.433.4355
Windsor Vineyards 308 Center Street 707.433.6511


Winery Address Phone
Blackstone Winery 9060 Graton rd 707.824.2401
Iron Horse Vineyards 9786 Ross Station rd 707.887.1507
Lynmar Winery 3909 Frei Road 707.829.3374
Marimar Estate Vineyards 11400 Graton rd 707.823.4365
Sebastopol Vineyards 8757 Green Valley rd 707.829.9463
Taft Street Inc. 2030 Barlow Lane 707.823.2049


Winery Address Phone
Canyon Road Winery 19550 Geyserville Ave. 707.857.3417
Chateau Souverain 400 Souverain Dr 707.433.8281
Clos Du Bois Wines 19410 Geyserville Ave 707.857.3100
Coppola Winery 300 Via Archimedes 707.857.1400
De Lorimier Winery 2001 Hwy 128 707.857.2000
Frick Winery 23072 Walling rd 707.857.3205
Geyser Peak Winery 22281 Chianti rd 707.857.9463
Lake Sonoma Winery 9990 Dry Creek rd 707.431.1550
The Meeker Vineyard 21035 Geyserville Avenue 707.431.2148
Murphy-Goode Winery 4001 Hwy 128 707.431.7644
Pedroncelli Winery 1220 Canyon rd 707.857.3531
Robert Young Estate Winery 4960 Red Winery rd 707.431.4811
Sbragia Family Vineyards 24625 Chianti Rd 707.473.2992
Silver Oak Cellars 9990 Dry Creek Rd 707.857.3562
Trentadue Winery 19170 Geyserville Avenue 707.433.3104
Robert Young Estate Winery 4960 Red Winery rd 707.431.4811


Winery Address Phone
Pastori Winery 23189 Geyserville Avenue 707.857.3418
J Fritz Winery 24691 Dutcher Creek Rd 707.894.3389


Winery Address Phone
Korbel Champagne Cellars 13250 River rd 707.887.2294
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