Dry Creek Wine Tours

Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County is a waterway and a tributary of the famed Russian River. The valley was formed by this waterway and although it is a fairly dry area, it has the benefit of the Russian River and our Lake Sonoma, a grand reservoir that feeds the entire area. The Dry Creek wine region is now home to over 150 wine growers. Two by thirty miles, this rectangular bit of wine country delivers a multitude of micro climates that produce a variety of delightful flavors. Distinct enough is the terroir from north to south, each could be appellations of their own right, time will tell what happens. The growing area is fairly small compared to it’s size, the terrain is diverse, the terroir is complex. When the vines began, mostly Zinfandel hung. Today there are more than 30 varietals grown. It is now become a popular region to do a Sonoma wine tasting.

Prohibition slammed the door on wine grapes and the valley was replanted. Prunes, plums and pears fell to the ground, leeching and changing the soil for the next 50 years. The grapes came back and the Zinfandel hung again. And so did Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and others. The tastes were dramatic and complex. More winemakers are setting their sites on Dry Creek, the growth of the industry here tells the story. The terroir and microclimates of this region produce great curious wines. Are you curious? It is a favorite of many patrons because of the quality, the relaxed atmosphere and the boutique-y sense that removes the pomp and brings the pleasure when out on a Sonoma wine tasting. Word is that it is an important appellation, eyes are on it.

Dry creek is 45 minutes directly north of San Francisco and from the north access from Calistoga of Napa Valley. It is directly west of Healdsburg and reachable from all other Sonoma valleys. Some of the famed wineries here include Ferrari Carrano, Manzanita Creek, Lambert Bridge, A. Raffinelli, Truett Hurst, and Seghesio just to name a few. It would take a few good days of wine tasting to experience all the flavors this valley has to offer. Let us help you plan that Sonoma wine tasting with you. Do a picnic in this very approachable and laid wine region, the wineries are homey and the people are genuine. Our chauffeurs are very skilled and can get you to that place you are looking for, that place you will remember.